Some short and full feature projects coming to the big screen in the near future:

LEAP OF FAITH (Thriller)

A high powered US Intelligence Officer plays God with the lives of a US Operative and a Jewish Syrian spy, Sabeen, who suffers savage brutality and years of rape to save the life of her only son.


The fear of losing his high-school sweetheart that is promised to a wealthy man, forces Daniel to migrate again in a neighboring country, where he has gone through a nightmare before.


A 14 year old military cadet tries to escape his communist country after being tortured and accused as an enemy of the regime.

TRUST (Action / Drama)

Alex and his co-students of Police Academy are trusted by their Government to patrol and keep order in a non-dangerous area during a nation-wide armed rebellion, not knowing that they were sent on a suicide mission.


A Catholic in love with a Muslim stripper, an Albanian Hindu, a grumpy Greek Orthodox, and a former alcoholic Turkish Muslim, happen to be best friends in New York.

DEPARTURE (Thriller)

A 12-years-old boy is surprisingly ignored by his father, after disobeying him for going on a ride with a newly licensed young driver.

DIVERSION (Action / Drama)

Alba, a former soldier turned hotel security is ignored by her superiors and the police when suspects a hotel guest to be a terrorist.


A scammed art collector turns out to be the hunter rather than hunted.




True Venture Films

True Venture Films is a New York based film production company which shares the dedication and passion of bringing to the big screen independent short and full feature films. We believe that by giving the opportunity to the new ideas of intelligent and unique writers, we would give the audience the chance to appreciate their art.

Founder of True Venture Films, Mr. Julian Biba, is the writer/director/producer of "THE RED ROSE" awarded "RISING FILMMAKER" by Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival and "BEST NY SHORT" by International New York Film Festival. Julian is also co-writer and co-producer of "PAFTUAR" (Uninvited) that is screened in Cannes Short Corner and received awards like: "Best Cinematography" and "Best Production" from two festivals in NYC (UIFF and AFW).

On March 2016, True Venture Films successfully produced a music video for an Italian pop artist, Matteo Brento.

"The Red Rose" is a short film by True Venture Films. This is the story of Ben which a warning from a dream leads him to save the life of a politician whose enemies are too close for comfort.

Julian's feature script “Leap of Faith” was quarter finalist at National Screenwriters Day Screenwriting Competition.

His short comedy script "Balkan Brothers" was the Official Selection of Oaxaca FilmFest 2017; and his feature script "The Bright Future" was picked as 10 best scripts at AlbaScript workshop organized in Pogradec, Albania by Albanian National Cinematography Center and Cineuropa.

Contact Info

  •   True Venture Films LLC.
    P.O. Box 256 Tuxedo, NY 10987


There has been a lot of buzz about the “Uninvited” film, co-written and co-produced by Julian Biba, based on true events from his own life. Julian has appeared on “A Tough Day in New York” of director Sabri Pajaziti; his own short drama “The Red Rose” and on Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the museum” as Al Capone. On January 1, 2018 Nil Production announced the cast of the new feature film “Proof”, starring Xhevat Limani, Liza Hoxha, Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba. Read More ...

Prishtina Press

Prishtina Press

Gazeta e Prishtinës dhe e Shqiptarisë

Julian came to US about 15 years ago after a colorful life in Albania that included being in military high school at the age of 14 and later on to Police Academy. He has participated in a few Karate competitions and has been involved in Albanian Police classified operation while has worked as bodyguard for politicians and other VIP-s since 1996. Telling some quite unique stories made his friends induce him to write some of them. At this point Julian came to realize that: Read More ...

NY Elite Magazine

NY Elite Magazine

Transformative Power of Art and Culture
New York, 12 shkurt - Producenti dhe skenaristi Julian Biba trajton në filmat e tij tema sociale, histori të emigrantëve, siç është filmi “Patuar” bazuar në ngjarjen reale përjetuar nga vetë Juliani. Ai gjithashtu aktron edhe është kordinator i skenave aksion. Juliani ka lindur në Shqipëri dhe u zhvendos në Shtetet e Bashkuara në vitin 2000. Duke pasur një kualifikim në karate, edukim ushtarak dhe trajnime policore, pasioni për filmat aksion ishte e natyrshme për të. Projekti i tij më i madh është ... Read More ...



Albanian American Vision
Producer and Scriptwriter Julian Biba had a chance to sit down with director Roland Uruci and Voice of America - VOA to talk about a very powerful film Paftuar - Uninvited based on the true story of Julian Biba. Check out the VOA interview.



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